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31 Amazing Japanese Kit Kat flavors that you have to try!

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Yes, the rumors are true! The familiar chocolate treat has been taken to the extreme with amazing Japanese Kit Kat flavors – some are beyond belief and certainly worth trying.

Kit Kat was first introduced to Japan in 1973, but it wasn’t until the year 2002 when the chocolate got its first big break with a viral marketing campaign started by university students in Kyushu, Japan.

According to Nestle Japan, students while preparing for their university exams often encourage each other with the phrase きっと勝つとぉ! (Kitto Kattsu to) which translates as “You will surely win.” It is an encouraging phrase to help motivate you. Incidentally, the spoken phrase sounds quite similar to “Kit Kat.” The phrase started spreading around the country by word of mouth and Kit Kat became synonymous with good luck.

Soon after, the company launched its famous Green Tea Kit Kat in 2004 which became an instant success. It further spawned hundreds of new flavors including special editions and locality flavors that represent the different regions around the country.

So many flavors to choose from

Tejal Rao writes for the New York Times magazine,

The Kit Kat, in Japan, pushes at every limit of its form: It is multicolored and multiflavored and sometimes as hard to find as a golden ticket in your foil wrapper. Flavors change constantly, with many appearing as limited-edition runs. They can be esoteric and so carefully tailored for a Japanese audience as to seem untranslatable to a global mass market, but the bars have fans all over the world.

Such uniquely flavored Kit Kat are only made in Japan. However, there is a well-known place where you can buy them online. As you will see below, we’ve managed to track down 31 different flavors that you can buy now.

Note: Mini-size is common throughout Japan. The size is a little more than half that of the regular-sized Kit Kat you may be familiar with.

These chocolates make interesting party treats, small gifts, and special indulgences that are certainly worth the experience. But be careful! You just might get addicted!

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The “otona-no-amasa” edition

Kit Kat is not just for kids. This edition of Kit Kat is branded as “otona-no-amasa” which translates as “adult sweetness”. Indeed, it takes a mature palate to appreciate these flavors.

Japanese Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea

Delicious rich-tasting chocolate fused with Uji Green Tea leaves for a somewhat traditional taste of Japan.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size


Japanese Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea (strong)

Those who love green tea must try this double dose of Uji Matcha! A strong, rich flavor you’ll love.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size


Japanese Kit Kat Houjicha Black Tea

Enjoy these tea fragrant wafers for a taste of richness that melts in your mouth.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size


Japanese Kit Kat Original Otona-no-amasa

Rich cocoa fragrance in chocolate offering an amazing taste of black biscuit. A chocolate lover’s delight.


Japanese Kit Kat Strawberry

Your taste buds will love the taste of sweet-and-sour of strawberry in white chocolate.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size, 3 pack


Japanese Kit Kat Raspberry

Sweet and tart, this unique chocolate and raspberry treat is in a league of its own!

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size


Kit Kat Chocolate Houjicha Japanese Black Tea

Houjicha is a mild tea that is easy to drink. Japanese children and older generations favor houjicha.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size.


Alcohol infused Kit Kat

Continuing with the chocolate for adults theme, here are some chocolates that pack a punch! Each flavor below contains some alcohol, so it is better not to share them with the kids.

Kit Kat Sakura Masamune Daiginjo Japanese Sake

Limited Kansai edition, this white chocolate wrapped in the scent of Daiginjo Sake has a gentle but deep taste.

IMPORTANT: Contains 0.4% alcohol. Japanese mini-size


Kit Kat Sakura Japanese Sake

This delicious treat combines traditional Japanese rice wine and the taste of cherry blossoms.


Kit Kat Japanese Yuzu Sake

The sourness of yuzu juice surrounded by white chocolate. Quite a unique taste of sweet and sour.

IMPORTANT: Contains 0.2% alcohol. Japanese mini-size


Kit Kat Japanese Sake

This amazing treat mixes Masuizumi Sake with creamy white chocolate. An elegant taste you just have to try.

IMPORTANT: Contains 0.8% alcohol. Japanese mini-size


Japanese Kit Kat Rum Raisin

Tokyo-limited, wonderfully flavored rum raisin chocolate for those who like a little bite in their chocolate.

IMPORTANT: Contains 0.055% alcohol. Japanese mini-size


A fruity, sometimes nutty kind of Kit Kat

Strawberries and chocolate are a well-known combination, but have you ever heard of tried melon and chocolate? How about orange? These sweets offer a delicious combination of fruit and chocolate.

Japanese Kit Kat Rare Shinsu Apple

The perfect treat for apple lovers. Let the taste of shinsu apples fused with chocolate melt with pleasure.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size, special 10 bar-pack


Nestle Japan Kit Kat Banana Caramel

Bananas. Caramel. Chocolate. Need we say any more? Definitely the treat to savor.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size


Japanese Kit Kat Melon

Feel the flavor of melon. A mild sweetness, unlike anything you’ll ever try.


Japanese Kit Kat Kyoho Grapes

Enjoy the luxurious taste of ‘Amaou’, the king of strawberries, with ‘KitKat’. The mellow flavor of the strawberry ‘Amaou’, which is red, round, big, delicious, and has all four beats, is gently wrapped in white chocolate with fragrant wafers. 


Japanese Kit Kat Daily Nuts and Cranberry

Full of delight, these pieces of happiness have the right amount of nuts with the bitter bite of cranberry.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size.


Japanese Kit Kat Orange (12 pack)

Treat your taste buds to orange-flavored chocolate. Quite a unique taste for such a familiar chocolate.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size.


Japanese Lemon Crisp

Indeed, the Japanese have thought of everything! Try this lemon tasting chocolate for something quite different.


Japanese Kit Kat Autumn Chestnut

If you prefer the autumn taste of chestnuts, then this is the chocolate for you.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size.


Unique tastes of Japan

These flavors deserve their own category being that their taste is something quite local to Japan. If you are adventurous, then, by all means, give them a chance.

Japanese Kit Kat Autumn Sweet Potato

If you are one for sweet potatoes you will enjoy the local taste of chocolate and purple yams which are popular in Okinawa and Kyushu.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size.


Japanese Kit Kat – Wasabi

Nothing says Japan like the unique spiciness of Wasabi. If you are looking for a “bite” then this is for you.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size.


Japanese Kit Kat Sakura Kinako

An amazing mix of sweet cherries and roasted soybeans, in white chocolate. Yet, another example of the uniqueness of Japan.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size, 2 pack



A representative of Hiroshima, this uniquely decorated chocolate has the flavor of Momiji Manju, a red bean, maple-leaf-shaped confectionery.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size


Japanese Kit Kat Kikyo Shingen Mochi

Try this lovely local Yamanashi, Japan confectionary known as Kikyo Shingen Mochi doused in white chocolate.
IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size

Let the Japanese Kit Kat party begin

Here are some wonderfully unique flavors that are great for parties and as small gifts! Kids and adults alike will be amazed.

Japanese Kit Kat Custard Pudding

Simply amazing taste. You can even bake these chocolates. Try for 2 minutes! Tasty!
IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size

Japanese Kit Kat Cookie and Cream

Wonderful crushed cookies in ice cream flavored chocolate. Awesome when frozen!


Japanese Kit Kat Party Ice Cream

Yes, this amazing Kit Kat tastes like ice cream. It is quite the party snack.
IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size

Mt. Fuji Kit Kat Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry cream cheese sandwiched between wafers in cheese-based white chocolate. Yum! The packaging is also unique in that it is shaped like Mt. Fuji.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size


Tokyo Banana x Kit Kat

A combination of Tokyo’s most famous confectionery and the original taste of Kit Kat. This is what heaven tastes like.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size


Tonosama Selection

Not sure which flavor suits you best? Try them all! – or at least a few with this variety pack.

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size


Birthday Cake Kit Kat Bar White Chocolate

Need I say more? A bit of a twist on the birthday cake idea. But hey, why not!?

IMPORTANT: Japanese mini-size


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  1. Heather

    A friend of mine is in Japan visiting his family until the end of the year. I asked him to bring me back some different flavors. I can’t wait to see which ones he picked out.

  2. Helen's Journey

    WOW! I just picked up a kitkat mint while travelling in the USA to take back to the UK for family to try. But this selection in Japan is just AMAZING! I had no idea it was so popular or experimented on either. Some amazing sounding flavours in that list, that’s for sure!

    • admin

      Thanks Helen,
      Yeah, pretty outlandish. I can’t decide if I like Green Tea or Strawberry the best.

  3. Sarah

    I love that Japan has so many different flavors of Kit Kats. I have tried a few of these and by far my favorite is the Hokkaido melon. I hope that I am able to try more flavors in the future.

    • admin

      Thank Sarah. Yeah, Hokkaido Melon is a popular one. If you ever try another, which would it be?

  4. Carolyn

    I love the Japanese flavored Kit-Kats! I’ve only tried a couple (brought back by a study abroad student I had when I worked at a University). I tried the strawberry, matcha, and lemon, but there are so many others here that I would like to try (especially the cookies and cream and the boozy ones, lol!). Great post!

    • admin

      Thanks Carolyn! Yes, the boozy ones are a bit of a treat 🙂 Where in Japan were you?

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