21 unique Japanese gifts for under $21

21 Unique Japanese Gifts for under $21.00

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Are you looking for unique gift ideas that won’t break the bank? Here we’ve compiled a list of 21 unique Japanese gifts that are all under $21.00.

From traditional Japanese toys to pop-culture art, these gift ideas are great for those who are fascinated by Japan or for friends, family, and coworkers with whom you want to share your love of the Japanese culture. Either way, there is surely something here for everyone on your shopping list!

The best thing is that you never have to leave the house and deal with the holiday rush to find them. You can shop right here, right now! All of the items below are available on Amazon! 

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Japanese gifts for the artist in your life

To be at one with yourself or one with nature, these Japanese crafts will bring out the inner artist in everyone. If your friends enjoy creating things, these are the perfect gifts.

Japanese Origami for Beginners Kit

No list of inexpensive Japanese gifts would be complete without this classic. This origami kit comes with a 96-page book and instructional DVD. A wonderful gift for those who like to create amazing sculptures.


Zen Artist Board Mini

Paint with water and release yourself. This small meditation canvas is perfect for taking a moment out of the hectic day to just focus on something else. There is no paint, only water. And it can be reused over and over again.https://amzn.to/33l67pB

Bonsai Tree Kit

The essence of nature can be captured with this Japan Bonsai tree kit. Just follow the directions and nurture the tree as it grows. It serves as a great addition to the home or office decor. It is also a great conversation piece.


Zen Sand Garden

It is said that Japanese gardens inhibit not nature, but rather its essence within. For friends who find can find relaxation in creation, this mini garden is a perfect gift.


Kitchen & bath items

If your loved ones prefer a bit of pampering, these few kitchen and bath items might be just the right amount of indulgence.

Japanese Home Cooking with Master Chef Murata: Sixty Quick and Healthy Recipes

When it comes to eating healthily the Japanese know what is what, and it is a lot more than just sushi. In Yoshihiro Murata’s cookbook, he introduces over sixty healthy recipes that you can make with regularly available ingredients from the local supermarket.


Natural Wood Japanese Chopsticks

Just what everyone needs for a kitchen that is complete. Make Japanese dinners more authentic with wonderfully designed chopsticks that are easy to use and easy to clean. They are perfect for novices and the most accustomed users.


Japanese Matcha (green tea) Whisk Set

A true gift of cultural etiquette that enhances the green tea experience. This green tea set makes for a unique gift for those who enjoy the mature flavor of Japanese matcha.


Yumeguri Japanese Hot Spring Bath Salts

Soak in the aromas of Japanese hot springs, known as onsen. With these Japanese bath salts, you can transform a simple bath into something much more unique and pleasurable.


Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Plumping Gel Cream

The Japanese take their skin-care seriously and this product seems to have a few hundred reviews touting amazing improvements in skin tone for dry/normal and sensitive skin. This cream helps maintain moisture to plump fine lines and wrinkles for healthy-looking skin. A perfect small gift!


Japanese pop-culture gifts

For all the anime fans and true lovers of Japanese pop-culture here are just a few items that are sure to be a hit. Indeed, we could have filled this entire list with otaku gifts.

I Love Anime in Japanese T-Shirt

There are so many different T-shirts to choose from, but this one, in particular, seems to have a lot of satisfied customers. The Kanji in the heart is 愛 meaning “love” and アニメ means “anime.” A great gift for anime fans!


Sounding Soot Sprite Dust Bunny Plush Stuffed Toy

For those in love with world-renowned filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki and those who have a fondness to the characters of the popular film Totoro, this gift will simply satisfy. The adorable Makkuro Kurosuke is a small gift for everyone.


Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Poster

All true fans of Japan recognize the impact filmmaker and co-creator of Studio Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki has had on pop-culture. What better way to celebrate Spirited Away with this poster.


500 Godzilla Facts

Who could possibly forget the one who has single handedly wrecked Tokyo on more than one occasion, Godzilla. For those fans of the lovely monster, who is actually an official Japanese citizen, this small gift is perfect.


Utagawa Hiroshige Evening Snow at Kanbara Print

As the writer of this post, I must admit my bias in that this print is of my favorite artwork from Japan. Japanese ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige was considered the last great master of the tradition.


Japanese Flash Cards

A great gift for friends who are learning Japanese or who are planning an adventure to Japan. Each card has both a phonetic pronunciation to say the word correctly and the English translation to learn the meaning.


Traditional Japanese gifts for your younger friends

Surprise your younger loved ones with some traditional toys from Japan. Though these items are simple in appearance, they are quite difficult to perfect.

Rokuhichido Washi Paper Balloon Black Cat – Traditional Japanese Toy Imported from Kyoto, Japan

Kamifūsen is a popular traditional Japanese children’s toy made from washi (paper). They have an open hole in the bottom which you blow air into to inflate them. 


Kendama (sword and ball)

Don’t let the simplicity of this toy’s design mislead you. It takes a certain amount of skill to catch the ball in one of the three cups (left, right, bottom) let alone its peg on top. This is one of the more traditional designs, but there are other, more modern designs as well.


Mokkougei Sasahara Koma Japanese Handcrafted Wooden Spinning Tops

The Japanese Koma is played by wrapping a small rope around its base and throwing it side-arm while holding the string so the top spins out. It is a traditional toy in Japan and takes some skill to get it right.


Daruma Otoshi (Daruma Drop)

How to play the game is simple enough. You must knock out the pieces with the hammer without causing the Daruma (the face on top) to fall over. This traditional Japanese game requires good eye-hand coordination and fast reflexes.


Paper Nano Kyoto Temple Building Kit

Japanese castles up close! Designed to be safe and suitable for dexterous hands. Though a bit of a challenge, kids and adults alike will enjoy putting the castles together.


Japanese Doll Japanese Erasers

For a relatively inexpensive gift, these super cute Kokeshi doll erasers are perfect. They can be disassembled and put back together. They’re great for decoration or just… erasing.


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